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Need healthcare writers? Bring on the med squad.

Writing for the healthcare industry demands subject-matter expertise and a thorough knowledge of changing regulations. Our medical writers and editors—we like to call them the med squad—work for some of the biggest names in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.


Meeting coverage / Note taking
Need a medical writer to cover a conference, symposium, advisory board, or other meeting? ALL ABOUT WORDS provides expert meeting coverage in English and/or French.


Patient education
We know how to speak to patients about everything from HIV to schizophrenia—in print or online. We write patient education materials, compliance programs and disease-management tools that are easy to understand.


CME/CHE programs
Need a medical writer to write or edit your continuing healthcare education programs? Whether you require content for print, PPT, app-based or online CME/CHE, we specialize in writing content that meets the standards for accreditation for all healthcare providers—in English and French.


Pharmaceutical marketing
We write marketing materials, slide kits, Web-based programs and ad campaigns targeted to all healthcare providers. 

Web-based, tablets and apps
We’ll work closely with you to write compelling interactive content for all media.

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