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Translation: Magic or Method?

While it might seem like some kind of magic is involved in getting your document from source to target language, the actual process is a lot more efficient and practical than potions and wand waving. Let us walk you through it!

Preparing the Document

Not all files and file formats are the same. Once you submit your document(s) to us for translation, one of our experienced project coordinators will prepare your document for the next step. This might include ensuring that only the text to be translated is in the document or that the file format - be it Word, Excel, PPTX - can be run through our CAT tool, allowing us to accurately produce a word count for the project, as well as establish a Translation Memory unique to you.

Assigning a Translator

The content of your document is then carefully assessed to ensure the translator matched to the project has not only the right “voice,” but related experience, and if needed, specialized knowledge. Many of our translators have degrees in medicine, finance, or law, in addition to their translation certifications, ensuring our translations are accurate, and most importantly, localized to your intended audience.

Ongoing Management

During translation, our project coordinators are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns. They also make sure that any clarifications required, on either your side or the translator’s, are addressed in a timely fashion to ensure the highest quality translation. You will ALWAYS be informed on the progression of your translation and its delivery date.

Quality Check and Layout

When the translation is complete, the document is proofread by a bilingual proofreader who diligently checks every paragraph against the original language to ensure not only accuracy in translation but that the original voice and flow is captured faithfully. Finally, if you require layout and formatting in your initial request, our proofreaders ensure that the original format is reproduced in the translated document perfectly.


The finalized file is sent to you, on time, with our AAW stamp of approval. If you need any post-translational changes, we are here for you!

Translation Memory

As an additional step - one that makes our future translations with you more seamless - we enter the entire translation into our Translation Memory. Only the most diligent and qualified translation companies use CAT tools.

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